Web JavaScript Cubing

Badgifier generates customisable name badges, personal schedules and certificates for WCA competitions, saving lots of time and effort for delegates and competition organisers. Available here.



Library C++ Graphics

DalRT is a simple ray tracing graphics library designed to be small and platform independent. Source code available on Github.


Block Keeper

Desktop JavaScript Cubing

Block Keeper is a cross platform desktop cubing timer. It organises sessions based on events while providing an elegant interface and relevant statistics for speedcubing. Download and more information available here.

WCA Statistics

Web JavaScript University Cubing

My work on a two part project exploring visualisation methods for data sets. Includes a static poster with general statistics and an interactive tool for exploring WCA member and event times. More information here.


Bot JavaScript

CodePupper is a Discord bot that runs code in a number of popular languages, in chat. Source code available on Github.


Console C++ University

@tack is a 2D turn based strategy game. This was a small group project implemented in C++ as part of an object orientated programming course. It incorporates basic AI to create predictable but interesting enemies and an easy to use level format based on text files. Source code available on Github.

Letter Pair Generator

Web JavaScript Cubing

A small tool for viewing pairs of letters. Useful for practising memorisation. Allows for custom sets of letters and removal of same letter pairs. Available here.



iOS macOS Swift Game

ENFORCE is an abstract physics puzzle game where an Orb is moved to an End Point using Force Fields. it was available on the iOS App Store for free. A port for macOS is available for download here. The ENFORCE soundtrack is available on Soundcloud. More information here.


macOS Swift

Menu bar utility to manage LIFX Smart lightbulbs on your local network. Turn lights on and off, set colours and set special effects for your lights. The source code is available on Github.


macOS Swift

Combat bad trash managing habits with Overflow. As your trash fills up, files will begin to 'overflow' onto your desktop, reminding you to empty it every now and again. The source code is available on Github.



iOS Objective-C Game

Circular is fast and vibrant yet extremely simple. Survive by avoiding circles in this dynamic and addictive game. It was available for free on the iOS App Store. More information here.