I am a software engineer in Adelaide, South Australia. My interests include computer graphics, data visualisation, system design and software architecture. I enjoy the art of abstraction in programming, which extends through my interests. I like abstracting complex details to produce clean, efficient and useful APIs, UIs and visualisations. I hope to produce these to support new and difficult challenges, and to just make cool stuff.

I began programming when I was 14 and made a couple iOS games during high school. I went on to study a Bachelor and Honours degrees in Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, which I completed in 2021. Throughout my studies, I have conducted research in CPU micro-architectural side-channel attacks. I currently work on realtime computer graphics in CAD applications for geology and mine planning.

In my spare time, I solve twisty puzzles (Rubik's cubes and other puzzles) quickly. In particular I practice blindfolded events. I organise and run speedcubing competitions, and I'm a delegate for the World Cube Association. I also enjoy video games, cycling, and learning German.

This website is a collection of my projects and things I am working on. Check out the projects page for all of them.

Email: dallas@dallasmcneil.com
Github: github.com/dallasmcneil
Linkedin: here
Twitter: @dmcneil_
WCA ID (Cubing info): 2017MCNE01

CV available upon request.