Badgifier generates customisable name badges, personal schedules and certificates for WCA competitions


1. Add competition data
You should use Groupifier to generate groups first.
Then get your WCIF file from
Replace YourCompetitionID with your competition's name

2. Select template

3. Adjust settings

  • Set background image
  • Set organization image
  • Page margins 3%
  • Include stations in schedules
  • Include staffing in schedules
  • Hide staff only assignments in schedule
  • Include WCA Live QR code with schedules (Not recommended for competitions with many events)
  • Background color tint
  • Text color
  • Page color
  • Signature name for certificate
  • Signature role for certificate

4. 'Generate' and preview the document. Adjust settings as needed and 'Generate' again

5. 'Print' when ready and use these settings in the print dialog

  • Layout: Landscape
  • More Settings
    • Paper Size: A4
    • Margins: None
    • Background Graphics: On

Version 1.2.0